LED Wall Advertising 

 Innovative and Value for Money medium to reach out and deliver your message to the masses (30 Lac approx.) per month. We are pleased to introduce the “Advertisement at state transport bus depot of Jodhpur. This medium will help you to deliver your message in a big way across Jodhpur division.

1. Mass Visual Media - A Mass Medium that connects to masses and covers rural, Semi Urban & urban population.
2. Powerful Visual medium that provides an amazing penetration & recall in rural and media dark areas of Jodhpur.
3. An unrestricted Medium that cannot be tampered manually.
4. Passengers on an average change every 30 minutes and that ensures the advertisement is seen by a new person every time.
5. Major population of Rural & Semi urban areas uses state transport buses for commuting on daily basis to Urban places
6. Total 615 Buses arrival and departure per day.
7. Screen size is 7ft Height and 12 ft Width.